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Offline sanelson
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This is probably so elementary that I'm almost afraid to ask.

The SiteShaper for Hexa Corp has an article on the frontpage called "A Creative Company Where Customers Matter Most" (article #252) that is displayed on the left half of the screen opposite the frontpage accordion FAQs. When you click on the article's Read More ... button the article then displays full page width and the FAQs are gone. That is exactly what I want my article to do.

Instead of creating a new article I just edited SiteShaper article #252 with my changes. But somewhere along the way the Read More ? action stopped displaying the article full width and now just refreshes the frontpage and displays my complete article down the left half of the frontpage. It looks bad and I have been unable to figure out what I did wrong to cause it.

You can view it at and the article is called "The Story of the Gene Grawe Fund".

Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

Offline mikek
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That's the default way that Joomla handles articles when there's no page assignment for the article. What you need to do is create a new menu item that points to that article's category, and on that new menu item don't publish any articles. That tells Joomla what modules belong on the article's page, by not doing this an article will take on the assignment of the parent page (the frontpage). You might be able to set the menu item to all frontpage articles too instead of just the category, but it's been a while since I've tried that.

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