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Offline mnewbegin
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I put a site up at and im trying to put those icons in there

but don't know if you used typography for what??

and the 2 sections for it in the backend.

Pre-text For Box 1, Leave Blank If None
-do i leave this blank

REQUIRED - Main Content or HTML For Box 1
-do i put all the code in this box

Will typography show up in this.. ??

which one do i use?

Sorry im new to your templates first time i tried using it.

Is there a way you can tell me the html codes in your 4 boxes in that menu.??


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Offline mikek
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The pre-text is the content that shows in the light grey box just below the title of each box. If you do not wish to put content there then just leave it blank and the box will not appear.

Main content or HTML is where you put your html code for the box.

Typography should theoretically worked; but to be honest I haven't tried that yet.

The html used on the demo is found on the tutorial page located here:

Hope that helps!

Offline mnewbegin
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Posts: 4

ok, thanks.

I did find that code right after I posted but when I inserted it, it did not look good at all.  The picture kind of merged into the text.

either way I filled in some content, and it seems to work.


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