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Offline headofdays
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once again microsoft has made all our jobs harder. I do not expect you to have a fix for this instantly, I rarely post and I appreciate what you guys do as I fully understand the headaches of cross browser complaincy. Most of the time I find fixes myself (and enjoy it), but this time I hope the paid membership will result in professional support from the shape5 team.

problem: IE8 refuses to display the emma smooth install properly, specifically, the ENTIRE page stops when it hits the menu area.
I have isolated the problem by removing the js dir, and then uploading one at a time.

CODE: (index.php) post render
<ul onmouseover="check_id()">
<li><span class="s5_outer_active"><span class="s5_rs">
<a class="active" href="/mypage.html">Home<span class="s5_bottom_text">

Likely a result of:
<script language=\"javascript\" type=\"text/javascript\" >
var s5_text_menu_1 = '".$s5_text_menu_1."';</script>

Problem in:

my humble opinion?
donready vs load

(I have not the time to rewrite the javascript.)

I have downloaded most recent version of template, does not fix,
did the disable tools tips,
searched forums,
both on emma_smooth and throughout your site.

please suggest solution to actually render the s5_text_menu_1 var within the PHP file
instead of adding it with javascript.

thank you, shape5 rocks

"happy with shape 5"

PS removing the entire JS directory FIXES the problem, but creates another as obviously the really cool SUB menu text does not appear as the template adds it via javascript rather than rendering it as sane HTML
I really feel a solution IN
would be the best fix here...

thank you for all consideration extended in this matter.
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Offline headofdays
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Posts: 14


Line 184 of index.php

if ($browser != "ie8") {

then works in IE8, with no sub area, but allows the sub menu text to work in ALL other SANE browsers.
thinking about rewriting s5_no_moo_menu.php but would prefer not to...
hopeing for shape5 version of s5_no_moo_menu.php with
s5_text_menu_1 -> 5
added in to render as html.
(pretty please  Grin )

Offline mikek
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Hello, the php file would not be causing the page to break, the text menu is created through javascript.

Please return the files back to their original files and post a url of your site so I can see what the code is doing.

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