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Current Category: Membership Frequent Questions

Is there a limit to how many times I can download?

No, you may download products as many times as you need during the time of your membership.

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Do you offer demo installations of your products?

Yes, any Joomla template made after June 2008, and all WordPress themes include a site shaper. Site shapers are full installations with our demo data pre-installed. This allows you to easily and quickly achieve the same layout and configuration as the demo uses.

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Where can I ask support questions about Shape 5 products?

All support questions for all Shape 5 products should be posted in our moderated forum board under the board pertaining to the product in question. There is a specific board for each Shape5 product.

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Do you provide source files for your templates?

Yes, our templates come with the original PSDs used to create the template. Some extensions may also come with PSDs if applicable.

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What is a domain? Do sub-domains count as domains?

A domain is considered any separate installation of Joomla, or WordPress, excluding developmental sites. Sub domains are considered separate domains. For example if you have three installations of Joomla using our products you must have a membership that allows for at least 3 domains. Non-Profit sites are exempt from domain restrictions.

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Do you offer custom work such as custom designs or programming work?

We do not offer any custom services. However, please view our Hire a Coder program. The Shape 5 Hire a Coder program is a free service offered to both paid and free members of our site.

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Can I use templates, themes, and extensions on client or third party sites?

Yes, but this will require you to have an active developer membership for using templates on client websites, extensions do not require a developer membership for use on client websites. A developer membership is required any time you wish to install Shape 5 club templates on any domain that does not personally owned by you.

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How can I upgrade or renew my membership.

Easy, once you are logged into the site simply click on the My Account link in the upper right corner of the site and from this page you can upgrade or renew your account to any membership type.

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I did not receive an activation email after signup.

No activation is required. Once your payment is complete your account is immediate active, this generally takes less than a minute to occur.

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I paid with an eCheck and can't login?

It can take up to 4 business days for the payment gateway (paypal or 2checkout) to clear the eCheck payment. Once it clears our system will automatically updated and you will be able to login as a club member.

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I'm having trouble logging in or downloading. I upgraded/renewed my account but cannot see the club

First, try simply logging in and out of the site. Many times a session can become and expired and resetting it by logging back in clears the issue upwards of 90% of the time.

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How can I purchase just one template?

We do not sell products individually, instead we sell memberships. In order to obtain one of our club products you must purchase a membership. With a membership you will have unlimited access to all downloads and forum support during the time of your membership.

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Can I still use the templates after my membership expires?

Yes, you may still use our products after your membership expires without having to renew or pay any extra fees.

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