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S5 LikeMe Plugin

This tutorial will explain how to install and configure the S5 LikeMe plugin.

The S5 Like Me plugin when activated will show a little icon on images. A user can click the icon and like the image. Each vote will be added to the count on the icon for that specific image. Voting works off the image name, so if you use the image in other locations on your site they will all show the same amount of votes on them. You can set the plugin to show on images inside HTML elements by specifying the ID or Class in the admin of the plugin. Multiple IDs and Class names can be set by adding a comma after each name. You can also set a class to ignore certain images. In the admin area you can also specify things like opacity, hover opacity, colors, etc. Lastly each image that is liked will show in a list in the admin from most liked to least liked. You can reset the like count on each image.

Be sure to read the tooltips and other descriptions in the backend of this extension. There are a lot of tips and further information found in these areas.

1. Installation

The first thing you'll need to do is install the plugin. Once you have it downloaded it just follow the below tutorial if you need help installing the plugin into Joomla. Because this is a plugin you will only need to follow steps 1 through 3 on the tutorial, and then continue with the rest of the tutorial on this page.

2. Setup the Plugin

Next you'll need to navigate to the plugn area of Joomla and open up the plugin. On this screen you can go through and configure all the settings, like icon color, hover color, etc. The selector input box is where you can enter ID or Class names of HTML elements on your site. All content inside these elements will have the script run on them. You can add multiple entries here just be sure to seperate with commas. A single ID or Class name for specific images can also be added here. You can just make them up on the fly just be sure to add them to the image you want the script to run on.

The next box "ignore selector" is a box where you can again add ID's and Class names and make them up on the fly. But when added to images they will ignore these images so that the script doesn't run on them. This is great for logos and other things on your site you don't want them to show on.

3. Admin images liked

If you click the "Like list" tab you'll notice all the images liked on your site. You can reset the like count on each image here to 0. Only images liked will show up in this admin list area and once reset they will again be removed from the list. This area is great to see which images on your site are the most popular.

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