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S5 Vertical Accordion

This tutorial will explain how to install and configure the S5 Vertical Accordion module.

This module contains up to 10 module positions that appear in an accordion function so you can publish any of your favorite modules or custom html modules to one of the accordion slides and keep your site clean and consolidated.

Simply publish the S5 Vertical Accordion module to your desired module position and pages. Then start publishing modules to the positions in the Tab Show (s5_va_1, s5_va_2, etc); these modules will become the accordion slides.

Note - Many of our club products contain specific styling for our extensions. These styles cannot be transferred from one product to another; they are integrated into the design. The same extension is used on all installations, the themes themselves contain the styling overrides. If a particular theme does not include unique styling for a particular extension, then the default style is used.

Be sure to read the tooltips and other descriptions in the backend of this extension. There are a lot of tips and further information found in these areas.

1. Installation

The first thing you'll need to do is install the module. Once you have it downloaded it just follow the below tutorial if you need help installing the module into Joomla. Refer to your template's module layout to determine the best position to publish this module to, some modules are designed for specific locations.

2. Next you will need to setup the options in the admin

Below is a complete list of all the settings on the main "Module" tab. Typically the deafult settings here work well, the most common settings to change are: Transition Effect and Duration.

  1. Module Class Suffix - If your template has any compatible module classes you can supply that here.
  2. Width - This setting controls the width of the module and should almost always be set to 100%
  3. Trigger Method - Do you want the accordions to open onmouseover or onclick
  4. Opacity Transition - This feature will cause the accordions to fade out when they close.
  5. Slide Transition - This is how long you would like each accordion to be shown for before transitioning to the next one.
  6. Titles - Each accordion has a title, you can enter the titles in these slots. Note - the title must be entered for the accordoin to show, as well as a module published to the corresponding position.

3. Next you will need to publish modules to each accordion

Each accordion in the Vertical Accordion module is a module position where you publish other modules to, ie: other modules become the accordions of the Vertical Accordion module. Once you have configured this module, publish your desired modules to the s5_va_X positions and they will become the accordions. Note - you cannot use more than one copy of this module on the same page or they will conflict with each other. You can have more than one copy on a site, but not on the same page.

Most Shape5 templates already contain the s5_va_X positions, if your template does not have them you will need to edit the templateDetails.xml file in your tepmlate's root folder and add them.

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