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Current Category: Frequent Questions and Troubleshooting

Editor Stripping Source Code

How to prevent 3rd party editors from removing source code in modules/articles

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I can't save in the Vertex admin?

Make sure your vertex.json file is writable test with CHMOD 777 to be sure. The file is located here:
You can also simply try from another browser, some older browsers have ajax submission problems.

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The frontend of my site is all messed up with no width

If you just installed the template be sure to save it also so that the settings may take place and be saved so the frontend can use them.

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The language file won't load in the backend of Vertex?

If you created the site with jUpgrade. Go into your user account, selected Front end and Back end language and then save. Go to Template Manager and it was fine. All you should have to do is re-save your user profile and that should clear it up.

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Google font supports my language but its showing some weird characters?

If the font supports those characters you can add the subset in the specification box for Font Style below the actual Font Type input box. So for example you would use this for Cyrillic:

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Saving and embed code doesnt work? Or code is stripped out in J1.6 or higher?

First make sure your WYSIWYG editor is set to none in your global configuration area. If this doesn't work then also note the editor parameters are important to check, however 1.6 also uses a new Text Filter parameter on the content manager for both article content and modules. If you want an article or module to display html tags, you need to alter the parameter for your user group. Content > Article Manager > Options (Toolbar button) > Text Filters (Tab) Set Super Users to "No Filtering".

In Joomla 2.5+ the content filter has been moved to the Global Configuration area.

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SEF URLs aren't working on my Joomla site?

Be sure you have followed the steps here:

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My background isn't showing on all pages?

Be sure to enter your full site URL under the template parameters area of your site (extensions > template manager > select template and click edit)

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Multibox won't load in IE8?

Make sure IE8 has flash installed.

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