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Enabling SEF URLS with HTACCESS in Joomla

In this Tutorial you will learn how to enable SEF URLs with HTACCESS in Joomla

We often get asked by our users how to shorten their URLs on default Joomla installations by getting rid of things like (/index.php). Unfortunately out of the box Joomla doesn't come pre-configured for SEF URLS but this Tutorial will outline all the steps required to enable them and make your URLS cleaner and more easily understood by search engines


  • This Tutorial is for Joomla installations only
  • FTP or File Manager access is required
  • Certain hosts such as GoDaddy may require additional steps and a server restart to update

Step 1: Access your servers File Manager/FTP and find the htaccess.txt file

Step 2: Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess

Step 3: Login To Joomla By Typing /administrator After the URL

Step 4: Navigate to System > Global Configuration

Step 5: Enable SEF URLS and URL Rewriting

Before and After Results Below

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