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How To Change The Logo in Joomla

This tutorial will guide you through how to change the logo on Shape5 Joomla templates. There are multiple options for you to pick from when performing this task. This tutorial applies to templates built on the Vertex framework.

Vertex 4+ Templates

Templates built on and after July 2015 will have an option in the configuration to select what kind of logo you would like to use. With this option you can select up to four different logo types, including uploading your own logo file. Previous Vertex templates can use option 1 and 3 below without having to select what type of logo they would like to use. Just because a template is running Vertex 4 does not mean it will present this option, only templates built on and after July 2015 will present this option.

Option 1

This is our simplest, and most commonly used option for changing the logo.

Templates built on and after July 2015 must have the logo setting under Main / Logo set to CSS / Default for this option.

  1. Each template will come with a logo psd file, use this psd to create the logo however you would like. Once it is ready name the file s5_logo.png and save it somewhere easily accessibly for uploading to your server. Typically it is best to use the same height that the PSD file is set to.
  2. Then simply upload the image via FTP our your server's Cpanel file manager, and over-write the existing one at {theme_name}/images/s5_logo.png:

Option 2

This option applies only to templates built on and after July 2015.

  1. Under Main / Logo select Image Upload as your Logo Type:
  2. Use the select button to locate and upload your own logo file. Once done save the configuration and your select file will be used as the logo.

Option 3

Sometimes you may want to have a different logo on separate pages, or you may have module you want to use in place of your logo such a rotating banner ad module. This option allows you to publish any module of your choice to the "logo" position. Whenever a module is published to "logo" position the s5_logo.png mentioned above under Optiona 1 is no longer called and a module position is called in its place. To publish a custom html module with your own image to the "logo" position please follow the instructions below. This option will work with any kind of module, but a custom HTML is most frequently used.

Templates built on and after July 2015 must have the logo setting under Main / Logo set to Module for this option.

  1. In the backend of Joomla navigate to the Extensions/Module Manager menu:
  2. Once on the module manager page click the New button in the upper left hand corner to create a new module:
  3. On the next page find Custom HTML from the module type list and click on its title.
  4. Once you click on the title above, this will bring you to the Module Edit screen. You will see an editor on this page where you can enter any text or images that you would like. To insert an image use the image button on the editor:
  5. Once you have your module the way that you would like find the Position parameter in the right side of the page, and apply the module to the "logo" position:
  6. Once you are done those steps simply save the edit screen and you're done. The module will now appear in the "logo" position of your site.

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