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How To Enter Custom HTML Into The Editor

This tutorial will guide you through how to configure basic settings on the editor and how to enter custom HTML code into an article or module.

  1. An editor is a very easy way to add content or images to any article or custom html module. Joomla comes with several options for editors that are controlled in the Global Configuration: CodeMirror, None or TinyMCE
  2. The first thing to check with your editor is to make sure it won't strip any of your custom code. Custom HTML is very often used in designs and the default settings of editors often strip away custom coding. To change these settings navigate to Extensions / Plugins on the main menu in Joomla's administration area:

  3. On the Plugins Manager page, search for your default editor. If you are using a default installation of Joomla or a site shaper, you are most likely using TinyMCE, which comes with Joomla. Once you have found the plugin click on its title to enter the configuration area:

  4. Under the Prohibited Elements section, we recommend leaving this empty. Under the Valid Elements section we recommend entering *[*] this will allow all elements to be used. Once you are done click the Save button to save your changes and exit the configuration.
  5. Now that your settings are updated you can enter any custom HTML you would like into an article or module. The remainder of this tutorial will guide you through setting up a custom HTML module. To setup a custom HTML module navigate to the Extensions / Modules menu item:

  6. On the Module Manager page click on the Green "New" button to create a new module:

  7. From the Module Type list on the next page, select "Custom HTML".
  8. Below the editor there is a button labeled "Toggle Editor", click this button to turn off the editor. Once you do this you will be presented with a raw editor screen where you can enter custom HTML.

  9. Enter your desired code into the editor.

  10. Once you have entered your code, configure the module as desired with a title, position and an optional class suffix. Save the module when you are done.

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