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How To Install A Joomla Template

Whenever possible we recommend that most users setup their site with a site shaper installation, however you may also install the template by itself into an existing Joomla installation. This tutorial will guide you through this process.

  1. Once you are ready to install a template download your desired template installation package. Make sure you are installing the "template" zip file and not a "site shaper" zip file.
  2. Login to your Joomla administrator panel. To access this panel enter the following url in your web browser:
  3. In the backend of Joomla navigate to the Extensions / Manage menu link:

  4. Once on the Extensions Install page select the Upload Package File tab and press the Browse button:

  5. Navigate to your local computer to the location you downloaded the template install file to in step 1. Once you have located it select it, and press Upload and Install.
  6. After you have installed the template you should receive a "Installation of the template was successful." message, indicating that the installation was successful
  7. Using the top menu, navigate to Extensions / Templates, which will bring you to the Template Styles Manager:

  8. Once you are on the Styles Manager page, click on the Style Name of the template you just installed to enter its configuration, which is powered by our Vertex framework. The admin is organized into separate tabs, most of the most commonly used settings such as: Body Width, Row Sizes, Logo options, and more are found under the Main tab. Note - Be sure to read the tooltips for each setting, each tooltip provides detailed information as to how a particular setting functions.

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