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How To Add New Admin Options

This tutorial will explain the more detailed process for advanced users such as adding new parameters for a template or where specific CMS functions are called within Vertex.

How To Add New Admin Options?

1. The following will show you how to add a new admin option under the "Template Specific" area of the Vertex admin area. First you will need to open up the "specific.xml" file which is located here:


2. Next you will need to add your new field name definition, you will see several already there so you can just add a new one anywhere between the current ones listed. You simply would add something like the below, changing "yournamehere" to whatever you want to call your new option:

<field name="xml_yournamehere" type="text" default="" label="enter your label here" description="enter your description here for your new option" />

3. When adding options in vertex you php variable will be everything after the "xml_" so for example from the above you can determine that your php variable will be "yournamehere" so outputting the below in your index.php file will then output your new admin option. It's as simple as that!

<?php echo $yournamehere; ?>

4. So now that you have your new admin option outputting in your index.php file you may want to hide it and any surrounding DIVs if nothing is published to it in the admin, so to do this you'd simply do the following:

<?php if ($yournamehere!= "") { ?>
<?php echo $yournamehere; ?>
<?php } ?>

5. Perhaps you want to create an option that gives a choice in the admin vs just a plain text box, to do this you would follow suite the following. The "option label here" text can be changed to whatever you desire but the "option1" that is referenced by value is what you'll use in your php if statement to determine which option to output:

<field name="xml_yournamehere" type="select:list" default="horizontal"
 label="label here" description="description here">
          <option value="option1">option label here</option>
          <option value="option2">option 2 label here</option>


To use in your index.php file you would do the following and it would only output if the "option1" was selected in the Vertex admin area:

<?php if ($yournamehere == "option1") { ?>

<?php echo $yournamehere; ?>
<?php } ?>

6. The following is a list of all types supported in Vertex fields, as well as default fields, that you can use when creating or edit admin options:

type="radio" vars="yes:no|Yes:No" default="yes"
type="menu_list" default="mainmenu"
type="select:list" default="automatic"
type="textarea" filter="raw"
type="text:6:6" default="838383" size="6"
type="multselect" default=""

Where are all the CMS functions defined?

The following file is where all Joomla fuctions are defined, modules, component output, etc:


This is done so that no Joomla calls are made in the index.php file for easier framework updates.

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