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How To Patch Vertex In Joomla and Changelog

This tutorial will guide you through the upgrade process of a Vertex template to the latest version of Vertex. At the bottom of this tutorial you will find a changelog of the files per vesion. Please review this entire tutorial before making any upgrades.

Make sure your template is compatible with Joomla 3.X before upgrading:

Vertex 4 is intended only for Joomla 3.X, and should not be used with any version of Joomla less than 3.0.

Method 1: Joomla Component

This is the easiest way to keep Vertex up to date. You can download the Vertex Updater Component here:,com_docman/Itemid,96/task,cat_view/gid,307/. Simply install this component into your Joomla admin area just like you would any other module or extension. If you need assistance installing the component please refer to the following documentationg: How to install an extension into Joomla?

Then once installed, go over to the Components menu and look for "Shape5 Vertex Updater". Open this and it will find any Vertex templates on your site and let you know if there are any updates available for them and allow you to perform the upgrade from that same screen. You can see this in the following image:

You never have to touch any ZIP or FTP files with this method. We recommend this option for most users.

Method 2: FTP (Recommended only for Advanced Users)

To Upgrade:

  1. BACKUP YOUR FILES. We do not expect any problems during this upgrade, but it is never a bad idea to backup your template files in case something goes wrong or not as you expected. To do this, simply download your template's folder via ftp. The folder is located just inside of the root template's folder of any Joomla install, eg: templates/{your template name}. Be sure to download the entire folder.
  2. Download the upgrade patch from the following url:
  3. Extract the files of the patch zip file to a newly created folder on your desktop using your favorite zip program.
  4. Via FTP (we recommend using FileZilla) upload all the extracted files and folders in the exact order that they extracted from the zip file. Upload them to the template's root folder, eg: templates/{your template name}. To ensure you are in the correct folder, you should see folders such as css, js, vertex, xml, etc. when viewing the folder in your ftp programs file browser window. If you see these folders then you are in the correct folder. Highlight all files extracted from the patch and drag and drop them into this folder (template root)
  5. You will then see a popup like the following. Check the first radio button as shown. You can also select the 2 checkboxes at the bottom so you won't get prompted for ever file overwrite:
  6. The upgrade is now complete!

Changelog and File/Folder Additions:

Be sure to view the template configuration descriptions, tooltips, and other tutorials for more detailed descriptions and instructions.

Vertex 4.2.5 Changes:

1. Issue of dropdown menu.

Vertex 4.2.4 Changes:

1. Isolating Module chrome from vertex framework.
2. Ions icon suffix not working on module title.

Vertex 4.2.3 Changes:

1. [3.9] Need style on Contact page.
2. [3.9]: Missing style for Terms and Conditions on register page.

Vertex 4.2.2 Changes:

1. Turn off template options on frontend.
2. Can't show full option on the dropdown.
3. Fixed edit module on homepage.
4. Text and button are overlapping when view slideshow on iphone/ipad.
5. Got some error when edit an article on the frontend.
6. CSS error on Login Part.
7. Add font-awesome for component.
8. Reduce the space on Home Menu.
9. Page navigation displays error on search result page.
10. Fix form login doens't show on mobile dropdown.
11. JS error on Intro Pag.
12. Got css error on Search page.
13. Get code error on topbar when view on iphone.
14. Missing style on contact page.
15. Fix warning menu on mobile.
16. Fixed icon on Front-end Editor.
17. Show active on parent menu.
18. Fix vertex compression doens't work on old template.

Vertex 4.2.1 Changes:

1.     Fixed to compatible with php 7.2
2.     Fixed tag page
3.     Restyle email popup and register page
4.     Fixed CSS error on edit article page
5.     Site Font's tooltip displays wrong position
6.     Floating menu: Right padding/ Right Margin parameters do not work
7.     Style for smart search results
8.     Menu/Submenu should be highlighted when it's activating

Vertex 4.2 Changes:

1.     S5 Flex Menu helpers.php file has been updated for Joomla 3.8 changes. This remove a direct file call to a Joomla library menu file.
2.     Moved 404 error article vars outside of the module conditions loop in module_calcs.php
3.     Added additional finger swipe detection to mobile menu javascript file.
4.     Browse upload functionality has been updated to work better with Joomla 3.7+

Vertex 4.1 Changes:

1.     Fixed output issue in vertex.json
2.     Fixed a multi-select saving issue in the admin.
3.     Multiple adjustments to the flex menu js regarding hover detection.
4.     Fixed several fixed and absolute detectin issues within the flex menu js.
5.     Updated error.php to prevent soft 404 errors.
6.     Fixed cookie creation problem for font resizer script.
7.     Removed all traced of language=javascript in files for validation.
8.     Fixed several spelling and wording corrections in language files.
9.     Fixed an off canvas issue regarding layout on iPhones.
10.     Fixed a and column calcuation problem on sub menus in the flex menu helpers.php file.
11.     Comletely removed IE6 warning message.
12.     Updated jquery-ui to latest versions.
13.     Updated flex menu to allow for page scroll on sub menus.
14.     Updated various null js values and updated deprecated &= calls for php7.
15.     Fixed a menu ACL and active menu item issue.
16.     Added the option for a custom mobile/table navgiation trigger point.
17.     Added a cache validator to the compression files.
18.     Added detection of page ID and assigns a default ID if none can be found.

Vertex 4 Changes:

1.     Completely rewritten Vertex admin with new user friendly GUI.
2.     New full page scroll options.
3.     Scroll Reveal updated to latest version of 2.3.0.
4.     Off canvas menu update to output Joomla menu classes.
5.     Updated compression files to work with https.
6.     New floating menu option for tablet/mobile layout.
7.     Added calls in index.php that identify if a particular row is using a custom background or not to stylize those kinds of rows differently.

Vertex 3.7 Changes:

1.     An upgrade to multibox and pagescroll has been added to integrate with S5 Image and Content Fader, as well as fixing some anchor issues with the pagescroll script.

2.     Removed a mootools call in multibox.

3.     Multiple bux fixes were applied to the floating menu functions.

4.     Multiple bug fixes were applied to the off canvas menu to fix problems on Windows 8 and Chrome, as well as others. An ordering issue was also fixed on the off canvas menu.

5.     Multiple bug fixes were applied to the flex menu files, including a fix for anchor links and multiple columns.

6.     Multiple info slide styles were added.

Vertex 3.6 Changes:

1.     An update was made to the css for Joomla 3.3 that was hiding the author name on some templates.

2.     An update to multibox was made to fix a bug issue on Google Chrome on iPads.

3.     Mobile devices can now choose between a drop down layout or mobile sidebar option.

4.     Mobile devices can now hide the login and register sections, while keeping them enabled on desktop browsers.

Vertex 3.5 Changes:

5.     Jquery updates have been made to fix an update in Joomla 3.2.3 with a newer version of jquery.

6.     Jquery-ui-addons.js file was added to included additional classes that are not included in the Joomla core jquery files.

7.     Major updates were done to the compression files to fix issues found on some server configurations.

8.     An error was found in the background css call that was implemented in Vertex 3.4.

9.     The mobile icons have been updated to fix an anti-alias issue.

10.  Multibox.js was updated to fix an issue with multiple iframes on the same page.

11.  Thirdparty.css was updated to force K2 articles to a single column on mobile.

12.  Parallax backgrounds was updated to allow for centered background calls.

13.  A fix has been applied to the menu scroll to fix, any flex menu link that starts with #s5 will scroll to that div on the page.

14.  The backgrounds tab now allows for full urls as well urls in just the images folder.

15.  A new css info slide feature was added along with several info slide styles.

16.  The scroll to top arrow now auto hides when it is not needed on the page, triggered by the scroll height on the page.

17.  A fix has been applied so that module titles now show in the flex menu system.

18.  The flex menu now works with the default Joomla menu class parameter. The class will be applied to the parent items LI call.

19.  Modules.php is now part of the framework and not set individually on every template.

20.  An update was made to the floating menu script that was causing problems if the files were uploaded in ftp binary mode.

Vertex 3.4 Changes:

21.  A typo was found in two css files and a js file referring to modile instead of mobile.

22.  A new Language tab was added to allow multi language sites to translate fields such as login, register, etc. for specific languages without needing separate template styles.

23.  An admin js file was update so that the template configuration page automatically opens to the Vertex tab on page load.

24.  Several files pertaining to menu calls were updated for Joomla 3.2 compatibility.

Vertex 3.3 Changes:

25.  Js/s5_flex_menu.js has been updated to fix a bug for sites using a position:fixed call on the menu wrapper.

26.  File compression has been sped up, and exclusions for font awesome and google fonts have been added, as they were causing compression issues.

27.  New floating menu features have been added to the Menu tab to allow the flex menu wrapper div to become position:fixed at set screen height. There are also other css features in this area to stylize the menu when this this effect is triggered. This feature is by default disabled and should only be used by advanced users.

28.  A new Backgrounds tab has been added to allow users to easily change the background of the page as well as other row elements on the page.

29.  New parallax functionality has been added in conjunction with the new Backgrounds tab, via the vertex/parallax_backgrounds.php file.

30.  Some core admin functions have been updated to fix an IE ajax submit bug for the Vertex admin.

31.  Updates to the google fonts calls have been made so they work properly with https urls.

Vertex 3.0 to 3.2 Changes:

  1. CSS Files:
    1. All files in css/bootstrap have been added to stylize many core Joomla items as well as third party extensions that are built with Bootstrap.
  2. The following folder and its images were added for Bootstrap typography: images/bootstrap/
  3. The following folder and its contents were added for Font Awesome: css/font-awesome/
  4. All files in the js folder have been re-worked and re-written to work with Jquery, now called from the Joomla core.
  5. Vertex Core Changes:
    1. The entire vertex/admin folder is included in the patch file to ensure everyone is on the newest files.
    1. Cms_core_functions.php has been updated to remove Mootools calls for Joomla 3.0+.
    2. Css_and_js.php has been updated to include Bootstrap css calls and Font Awesome calls.
    3. Several php files were updated to include directory separator calls for php 5.4 compatibility.
    4. All php files involving javascript effects such as page_scroll.php or drop_down.php have been re-written with Jquery calls and Mootools removed.
    5. S5flexmenu/helpers.php was updated to become W3C compliant with Html 5 error checking.
    6. The responsive mobile menu received a bug fix for links that open without navigation.
    7. Multibox javascript was updated due to a conflict with modal calls.
    8. Font size overrides for content and modules were added under the Layout tab.
    9. Flex menu IE10 touch screen calls were adjusted.
    10. Added functionality to disable the column/row equalizer script when a row re-distribution is triggered for narrow screens.
  1. XML and Language Changes:
    1. A Bootstrap style field was added to allow the user to choice between a light and dark version of Bootstrap.
    2. Font Awesome enable/disable field was added.
    3. Several typos in the language file were updated.

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