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How To Patch Vertex In WordPress and Changelog

This tutorial will guide you through the upgrade process of a Vertex theme to the latest version of Vertex. At the bottom of this tutorial you will find a changelog of the files per vesion. Please review this entire tutorial before making any upgrades.

This patch is only for Vertex-based themes, if your theme doesn't have a vertex folder, you can't use this patch!

This upgrade will replace all of the core Vertex files.

To Upgrade:

1. BACK UP YOUR FILES. We do not expect any problems during this upgrade, but it is never a bad idea to back up your theme files in case something goes wrong or not as you expected. To do this, simply download your themes folder via ftp. The folder is located just inside of the root "themes" folder of any WordPress install. Be sure to download the entire folder. Secondly, any themes installed before v4 had their settings saved to the wp-content/cache folder, and it's highly recommended to back up the json settings file, just in case any options are lost in the upgrade.

2. Download the upgrade patch from the following url. You will need to be logged in:,com_docman/Itemid,96/task,cat_view/gid,308/

3. Extract the files of the patch zip file to a newly created folder on your desktop using your favourite zip program.

4. Via ftp navigate to your themes vertex folder and delete the "includes" and "admin" folders.

5. Via ftp upload all the extracted files and folders in the exact order that they extracted from the zip file. Upload them to the themes root folder. To ensure you are in the correct folder, you should see folders such as css, js, vertex, xml, etc. when viewing the folder in your ftp programs file browser window. If you see these folders then you are in the correct folder.

6. In the back end of WordPress, go the the Shape 5 Theme tab and check your settings, if everything looks correct, click Save. To ensure the new options are saved correctly please repeat this step and click save a second time.

7. Update any Shape 5 plugins you have installed by downloading the latest versions.

Vertex 4.1 Changes:

1.     Fixed output issue in vertex.json
2.     Fixed a multi-select saving issue in the admin.
3.     Multiple adjustments to the flex menu js regarding hover detection.
4.     Fixed several fixed and absolute detectin issues within the flex menu js.
5.     Fixed cookie creation problem for font resizer script.
6.     Removed all traced of language=javascript in files for validation.
7     Fixed several spelling and wording corrections in language files.
8.     Fixed an off canvas issue regarding layout on iPhones.
9.     Comletely removed IE6 warning message.
10.     Updated jquery-ui to latest versions.
11.     Updated various null js values and updated deprecated &= calls for php7.
12.     Added the option for a custom mobile/table navgiation trigger point.
13.     Added a cache validator to the compression files.
14.     Added backwards compatibility tweaks in shortcodes and sidebar class files.
15.     Added [loginurl] and [registerurl] shortcodes, including redirect options, to allow placing site-specific login/register links anywhere that shortcodes are processed.
16.     Updated parameters.php and includes/classes/standalone_functions.class.php with fix to support specific options containing an array value instead of a string.
17.     Updated widget.class.php to support Ion Icons in widget titles.
18     Fixed various php errors in the backend and frontend.

Vertex 4 Changes:

1.     Completely rewritten Vertex admin with new user friendly GUI.
2.     New full page scroll options.
3.     Scroll Reveal updated to latest version of 2.3.0.
4.     Updated compression files to work with https.
5.     New floating menu option for tablet/mobile layout.
6.     Added calls in index.php that identify if a particular row is using a custom background or not to stylize those kinds of rows differently.

Vertex 3.4 Changes:

1. Complete overhaul.
a. All JavaScript has been transitioned to the jQuery library, Mootools will no longer be used or supported.
i. A bug with how JavaScript was being called was found and fixed.
b. A large portion of the core framework has been streamlined and cleaned up.

2. New floating menu features have been added to the Menu tab to allow the flex menu wrapper div to become position:fixed at set screen height. There are also other css features in this area to stylize the menu when this this effect is triggered. This feature is by default disabled and should only be used by advanced users.

3. A new Backgrounds tab has been added to allow users to easily change the background of the page as well as other row elements on the page.

4. New parallax functionality has been added in conjunction with the new Backgrounds tab, via the vertex/parallax_backgrounds.php file.

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