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Current Category: Frequent Questions and Troubleshooting

Image and Content Fader broken after WordPress update

The full Framework Upgrade Patch changes all vertex sites to use jQuery instead of mootools and fixes various other issues..

For older sites:

If the Image and Content Fader has stopped working after a WordPress update, you probably updated the plugin at the same time.

All of the themes released before Corporate Response were created using the mootools javascript library.  From Corporate Response forward, all releases now use jQuery instead of mootools.

If you use a theme older than Corporate Response or don't want to patch a newer one that is pre-responsive, you will need to downgrade back to the previous (mootools) version of the plugin and remember not to upgrade again without the Vertex Upgrade Patch installed.

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How to add menu sub-text, sub-heading

By default, WP hides the "description" area for the menu, which is the section that contains all the Flex options.

To make the Flex options visible, click the "Screen Options" tab in the top right corner of the menu editor screen and enable "Description" (you can also disable "Activate Flex Menu", it doesn't need to be visible), all the Flex options should appear, including the sub-text.

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Widget areas aren't disappearing when all widgets are hidden

There is a bug in version 0.8.1 of Widget Context that doesn't allow it to hide "empty" widget positions.
Overwrite your existing copy of Widget Context with this one, and everything should go back to working as intended.

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My WordPress Theme Gives a Missing style.css Error

If you are getting the missing style.css error when trying to install a Shape 5 Theme, you are most likely using the wrong download.

Shape 5 Wordpress Themes have 2 downloads available:

- One download is the Theme by itself - That's the one to install through WP Admin.

- The other Download is the Site Shaper.
- - A Site Shaper is a full WordPress installation with sample data, not something you can install through the admin

The standalone Theme downloads will always have the style.css file and anything else needed to install and activate the theme. The missing style.css error means that you are trying to install the Shaper instead of the Theme.

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