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How To Change The Logo in WordPress

This tutorial will guide you through how to change the logo on any Shape5 Joomla theme. There are multiple options for you to pick from when performing this task. This tutorial applies to templates built on the Vertex framework.

Option 1

This is our simplest, and most commonly used option for changing the logo. Each template will come with a logo psd file, use this psd to create the logo however you would like.

  1. Once it is ready name the file s5_logo.png and save it somewhere easily accessibly for uploading to your server.
  2. Then simply upload the image via FTP our your server's Cpanel file manager, and over-write the existing one at {theme_name}/images/s5_logo.png:
  3. Once the old file is over-written you are done!

Option 2

Sometimes you may want to have a different logo on separate pages, or you may have widget you want to use in place of your logo such a rotating banner ad widget. This option allows you to publish any widget of your choice to the "logo" position. This is all done by the power of Vertex. Whenever a widget is published to "logo" position the s5_logo.png mentioned above is no longer called and a position is called in its place. Simply publish any widget of your choice, or a custom html that includes your own logo, to the "logo" position and that's it!

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