NEW Vertex Updater Component

After some requests and just in light of making things easier for our customers we have released a Vertex Updater Component for our Joomla templates. You can now use this free component to update the Vertex framework whenever we release a new version of Vertex right from the backend of UI of Joomla. Anytime your Joomla template admin shows a Vertex framework update is available on the "Overview" tab just head on over to the component to upgrade the framework. It installs just a like a normal Joomla component and it will automatically check for a new Vertex version if its available and download it directly to your website. If there is a new version available you can then select the template(s) on your site that you want to update. Simply check the box, click update and you are done! No more FTP'ing files, and no more dealing with file permission issues. Head on over to the Vertex Framework Downloads area to grab a copy.
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Thank you!