Kite Photography - October 2007 Bonus Club Template

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This October bonus template is geared to a photography style site. We wanted to try something different; get away from the 3 column Joomla look that almost every template has. This template includes 2 menus that you can choose from, our new image menu (shown on the dark theme demo) and the standard suckerfish style menu (shown on the light theme demo). For the first time we introduce the S5 Horizontal Scroll which saves visual space on your page. There are 2 color themes available, a dark and light version. We hope you enjoy this extra bonus and are able to wow you viewers.

Note: Joomla 1.0+ and 1.5 Versions available


Check Compatible Joomla Versions
  • 100% tableless CSS
  • Validates with XHTML
  • Validates with CSS
  • Joomla 1.5 compatible
  • Joomla 1.0+ compatible
  • 12 module positions
  • PSDs included
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • S5 Effects scripts power: Content Slider
  • Lytebox enabled
  • 2 Menu systems: NEW Image menu or suckerfish
  • 2 color themes available
  • Compatible with the following browsers:

    • IE6
    • IE7
    • Firefox 1.5+
    • Opera 9+
    • Safari
    • Netscape
    • Advant

                 Kite Photography Template
1. top
2. user3
3. user4
4. left
5. main joomla content
6. right
7. user5
8. user6
9. user7
10. user8
12. user9
12. bottom
13. cpanel

Color Variations Available:  

color1 Color1 - Dark

color2 Color2 - Light

Menu Styles:

Suckerfish Menu:

This menu is a Suckerfish menu system and is disabled by default but if you prefer to enable it you can set the menu to "2" in the "Template Configuration". In Joomla 1.5 will have the option in the template parameters.

Image Menu:

This is the horizontal image menu which is enabled by default

Bottom Menu:

This is the horizontal menu located at the very bottom of the page in the demo , create a “Flat List” menu module, and set the module class suffix to "-bottom"

Template Configurations:
You can easily configure this template with the below options. Once you have installed this template login to the administration of your Joomla site. In the admin navigate to your Joomla templates from the top menu: Site > Template Manager > Site Templates. Select "kitephotography" and then click "Edit HTML". You will then see something similar to the following (Note: In Joomla 1.5 these options will be available the template parameters:

// Enter color1 or color2
$s5_color = "color1";

// Enter in 1 for image menu, 2 for suckerfish and 3 for neither
$s5_menu = "2";

// Enter in pixels how tall you would like the main body
$s5_mainbody = "770px";

// Image Menu Configuration
$s5_backimage = ""; // Enter URL here if you would like a background image for the image menu
$s5_float = "left"; // Enter on which side you would like the menu to appear
$s5_width = "220"; // Enter in pixels how wide you would like each menu item to open
$s5_menucolor = "#FFFFFF"; // Enter an HTML hex value for the links on the image menu
$s5_menubordercolor = "#FFFFFF"; // Enter an HTML hex value for the border on the image menu

Be sure to check the tutorials on the demo for more explanations and examples.

If you still aren't sure or have any more questions don't hesitate to ask on the forum.


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