SphereDocs - May 2007 Bonus Template

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This month we decided to release a club bonus template, SphereDocs. This template is packed with some very nice and cutting edge features. SphereDocs has a very clean and simple look and layout to it. We designed it this way so the template doesn't take away from site content but rather leaves it to be the main focus. Your site content is enforced with subtle but great features such as the S5 Effects powered "content slider" and "tools slider". The template includes 14 fully collapsible module positions, whopping 15 color variations, plus much more!

Note: Joomla 1.0+ and 1.5 Versions available

Check Compatible Joomla Versions
  • 100% tableless CSS
  • Validates with XHTML and CSS
  • Joomla 1.0+ compatible
  • Joomla 1.5 compatible
  • 14 module positions
  • PSDs included
  • Several typography options available, see template demo for more info
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • S5 Effects content and tools sliders
  • 2 available width sizes: fluid and fixed
  • Width adjusters and search bar can be hidden
  • 15 color options available
  • PNG fixer included
  • Options easily configured via the "edit html" option in the Joomla administration
  • Compatible with the following browsers:

    • IE6
    • IE7
    • Firefox 1.5+
    • Opera 9+
    • Netscape
    • Advant

                 spheredocs template
1. Banner
2. Top
3. User1
4. User2
5. User3
6. Left
7. Inset
8. Right
9. Main Content
10. Toolbar
11. Bottom
12. User7
13. User4
14. User5
15. User6

Color Variations Available:  

style1 Style1

style2 Style2

style3 Style3

style4 Style4

style5 Style5

style6 Style6

style7 Style7

style8 Style8

style9 Style9

style10 Style10

style11 Style11

style12 Style12

style13 Style13

style14 Style14

style15 Style15

Menu Styles:

Top Style Menu:

By default this menu is a Suckerfish menu system but if you prefer the default Joomla menu you can set the menu to Suckerfish in the "Template Configuration" located in the index.php file. Set the menu style to "module"   $s5_menu_style = "module"  Create a “Flat List” menu module publish it to the top position, and set the module class suffix to "-top"

User7 Style Menu:

This is the horizontal menu located at the bottom of the page in the demo , create a “Flat List” menu module, and set the module class suffix to "-bottom"

Template Configurations:
You can easily configure this template with the below options. Once you have installed this template login to the administration of your Joomla site. In the admin navigate to your Joomla templates from the top menu: Site > Template Manager > Site Templates. Select eWorld and then click "Edit HTML". You will then see something similar to the following:

// Template Configuration
$s5_color = "color1"; // color1-15
$s5_menu_style = "suckerfish"; // suckerfish | module
$s5_sliding_tools = "yes"; // Yes = Show | No = Hide
$s5_width_selector = "yes"; // Yes = Show | No = Hide
$s5_show_search = "yes"; // Yes = Show | No = Hide
$s5_default_width = "user choose"; // fixed | fluid | user choose
$s5_png_fixer = "no"; // yes = use | no = do not use
$s5_content_slide = "Open Panel"; // Type in whatever you would like to show up on the middle tab

You can hide the width selectors and search by changing their option to "No"

Setting the default width for your template by choosing either "fixed" or "fluid" does not allow a user to change the widths via the buttons on the template, setting the default width does allow a user to change the width.

You have the option to turn off the png fixer. This fix was included to enable transparent images in Internet Explorer 6. By default it is off, but you can use it.

If you still aren't sure or have any more questions don't hesitate to ask on the forum.


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