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Simplex - July 2012 Wordpress Club Theme
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  • Club Type: Paid
  • CMS: WordPress
Its very easy when designing something to over do and add unnecessary accessories or design "flares" to the piece of work. This month Simplex is intended to be the opposite. We wanted to create a design that gives your content more room to make itself known and at the same time to keep the site looking nice and clean. Again this month we bring you a design powered by CSS3 and PIE to provide a modern and fast loading website

In addition to nice clean design we introduce several new additions to the Vertex Framework. The Drop Down Panel feature (formally known as S5 Ultimate Drop Down) will now be available in every template running Vertex hence forth. We also are happy to release the NEW Vertex admin GUI, which we designed to allow for easier administration of each design. Check out the screenshots below to see more details about this!

Design Specific Features

  • 91 collapsible core template positions plus 4 mobile positions
  • 5 custom module suffixes
  • Set your own background image

  • Screenshot, Positions, and Class Suffixes

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    Are you new to Shape5 and the Vertex framework?

    Try out our free Vertex themes for yourself. Vertex is the same powerful framework these themes are built on.

    What Is Vertex?

    Vertex is our own theme framework that our products are built on, and is one of the most flexible and powerful frameworks available. The Vertex framework is a set of functionality that creates the core logic and structure of a theme, while adding many great features such as: S5 Flex Menu, Column Widths, Page Width, Multibox Popups, Tooltips, Info Slides, Google Fonts, File Compression, Responsive Options, Mobile Navigation, Color Pickers, and so much more!

    Vertex is built directly into each theme and does not require an additional installation. Vertex can be patched for free with the latest framework files at any time.

    Every theme comes loaded with options that you can use to customize your site exactly how you want it through the easy to use Vertex admin. Some features in the theme configuration area are specific to a particular theme, and those settings are found under the Theme Settings tab of the configuration. All other settings in the same configuration area are Vertex framework features that all Vertex themes have, and are found under the other tabs of the configuration.

    Vertex Framework Overview

    Flex Menu System

    The S5 Flex Menu system is a very powerful plugin that provides functionality far beyond what the standard WordPress menu system can provide. Easily add in sub text for each menu item, make columns, add widgets anywhere menu by simply setting a menu item to show one of the 40 menu widget positions included.

    • Unlimited Menu Items
    • Includes 40 positions, publish widgets to menu items!
    • Change opacity, open delay, hide delay and effect
    • Add subtext to each menu item
    • Floating menu option available
    top image

    Too Many Features to List

    The following are just some features of Vertex that we’ve highlighted. Be sure to test drive Vertex today to really see all the features listed.

    Google Fonts

    Pick from over 600 Google fonts to apply as the main font on your website. Vertex allows you to preview the fonts through its interface as well.

    RTL Support

    Vertex comes with right to left language support. This is done automatically, by reading the site's language direction setting in the language ini file.

    Font Resizer

    Font resizer has 3 options: decrease, return to default size and increase to larger font sizes. This can be enabled or disabled very easily.

    Parallax Backgrounds

    You can turn on a parallax feature which causes the background image of the row to scroll at a different speed than your browser scrolls for a nice effect.

    CSS/JS Compression

    Vertex comes with right to left language support. This is done automatically, by reading the site's language direction setting in the language ini file.


    Vertex is built on an upgradeable framework. This means as we release new versions of Vertex older themes will be able to take advantage of all the newly added features and changes.

    Drop Down Panel

    The Drop Down Panel is a slide down panel that will appear at the top of your site. The panel itself contains six widget positions. You may publish any widget that you wish into these positions.

    Fixed Tabs

    You can enable up to two fixed side tabs on your site at one time! Just add text to the fixed tab fields in the admin and they will show on the frontend.

    Cross Browser Support

    Vertex supports all new versions of the most popular browsers such as: Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and more.

    JavaScript Tool Set

    As new web trends and features arise for web developers our library of JavaScripts continues to grow. The Javascript toolset provided by Vertex gives you the most recent in web technologics. At the flip of a switch you can enable any of these scripts to power the site you are working on to give you visitors a richer more pleasant experience.

    Each JavaScript can be enabled or disabled. To ensure the fastest site load you can choose what you would like to use and what you’ll just leave behind.
    top image

    Flexible Layout

    Because there are so many widget positions available in so many different areas, the number of layouts you can create are limitless! An average of 90 positions are included in each design!

    You can adjust the width of any widget contained in any widget row or set it to automatic width. This allows for 60/40, 30/30/40, etc row widths. Vertex also includes a switch between fluid and fixed layouts so if you prefer fluid you can easily switch to this layout. Lastly, we've designed the articles to load before the left and right columns for SEO optimization. They are repositioned with CSS so visually you see no difference in layout.
    top image

    Want to see all of Vertex’s Features?

    Q: "Wait, aren't all these features causing site bloat?"
    A: Nope. You can enable/disable whatever you wish not to use for ultimate flexiblity when building your site.

    • Google Fonts
    • Ion Icons
    • Font Resizer
    • RTL Support
    • Fixed Tabs - Side tabs for linking and popups
    • CSS/JS Compression - Increase speed and performance
    • Parallax Backgrounds - Background image scrolling effect
    • Easily hide article area on any page
    • Floating Menu - Set the flex menu to a fixed position
    • Drop down tab with 6 positions
    • JavaScripts - Tooltips
    • JavaScripts - Lazy Load
    • JavaScripts - Multibox
    • JavaScripts - Info Slide
    • JavaScripts - Scroll Reveal
    • JavaScripts - Column Equalizer
    • Fixed pixels or Fluid percent of screen width
    • Average of 90 widget positions
    • Custom widget widths, 60/40, 30/30/40, etc
    • SEO optimized layout
    • Upgradable Framework
    • Lightweight and fast loading
    • CSS3 and HTML5
    • Flex Menu - Unlimited Menu Items
    • Flex Menu - Change opacity, open delay, hide delay and effect
    • Flex Menu - Includes 40 positions, publish widgets to menu items!
    • Flex Menu - Add subtext to each menu item
    • Floating Menu - Set the flex menu to a fixed position
    • Theme Specific Options - Easily add your own
    • Max body width
    • Custom column, page and row widths
    • Menu Scroll To
    • 100% tableless CSS
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    Thank you!

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