A basic list of features regarding the May 2010 Joomla Fusion template by Shape 5.
Color Presets
Fusion includes up to six color presets available for you to choose from.
Frontpage Display
Edited version of the S5 Frontpage Display 2 module released originally in Forever Ace 2.
Need help setting up Fusion or configuring the modules that are included with it?
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  • The Fusion template has many great features, here is a glance at the features included in this months template release:

    • RTL Support
    • 6 preset colors to choose from!
    • Edited S5 Frontpage Display 2
    • Edited Tab Show
    • Modern Design
    • Up to 3 backgrounds images, top, body repeat and bottom!
    • SEO ready main body output 2-1-3
  • Need support for right to left languages? Yet again we are happy to announce that Fusion comes with RTL or LTR layout options! This great new feature continues to be something we plan to release on upcoming template designs as well. View a Demo...


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Fusion Joomla Template
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Monday, 08 February 2010 19:43


The release of the Fusion template brings you a modern design and layout with the option to choose 1 of six color presets!  The template includes several staple modules such as our Accordion menu, S5 Box, Live Search and S5 Tab Show.  Be sure to browse through the entire demo to see all the features included!

Stored Images
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Thursday, 14 January 2010 07:55


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