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Built With Style and Functionality In Mind

Over 90 module positions to pick from With this amount of module positions you will never run out of room and can pick from hundreds of layout options.
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Set the template to any custom color With a custom highlight color you can easily change the color of the entire site by setting just one color param.
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Fixed or fluid layout options available Set your site to a fixed or fluid width with just one parameter in the template config. It’s easy and simple.
Get noticed with SEO optimization This template is coded so that your main content is called before each column to optimization web crawls.
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The S5 Flex Menu system is a very powerful plugin that provides functionality far beyond what the standard Joomla menu system can provide. This plugin is intended to be as an extension of the existing menu system to add features such as multiple columns, modules loaded directly into the menu columns, group sub menu items into the same column or fly out, sub texts for each menu item, icon images, multiple javascript effects and more!
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Mobile Device Ready

Need mobile device support for your website? Not a problem. Paradigm Shift comes with the ability to enable mobile support for devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackbery, and more! Mobile layout is simplified and contains several mobile only positions. More Info...

Demo Information

All content and images shown on this site is for demo, presentation purposes only. Stock photos are NOT included. This site is intended to exemplify a live website and does not make any claim of any kind to the validity of non-Shape5 content, articles, images or posts published to this site.

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Site Shaper Available

Do you need a website up and running quickly? Then a site shaper is just what you are looking for. A Site Shaper is a quick and easy way to get your site looking just like our demo in just minutes! It includes Joomla itself, this template and any extensions that you see on this demo. It also installs the same module and article content, making an exact copy of this demo with very little effort, excluding stock photography. Learn More...