Sample Sidebar Module

This is a sample module published to the sidebar_top position, using the -sidebar module class suffix. There is also a sidebar_bottom position below the menu.

Sample Sidebar Module

This is a sample module published to the sidebar_bottom position, using the -sidebar module class suffix. There is also a sidebar_top position below the search.
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Occasionally we need to use custom html to obtain the layouts shown on our demos in specific modules. The code below is what was used on this template:

Image and Content Fader Code:

This is for the code that we used in the "description" box for the image and content fader.

<span class="center">

<span class="s5_iacfbig">or remodels</span><br>
We do it all

<a href="#s5_bottom_row2_area1" class="readmore_iacf">
<span class="readmorecircle"><span class="ion-android-arrow-forward"></span></span><span class="readmore_iacf_inner">Read


Tab Show Boxes

The below code is duplicated three times for each tab show position. Notice the "three" in the first DIV below. This can be changed from two,three,four,five and six depending on how many you desire in one row.

<div class="overlay_outer three">
<div class="overlay_inner_gc">
<div class="overlay_whiteback">
<img src="images/cust1.jpg" alt="roofing"/>
<div class="overlay_whiteback_inner">
<div class="overlay_whiteback_icon">
<span class="ion-android-home whitebacki"></span>
<div class="overlay_whiteback_text">
We have worked over many years and have gotten better and better. You should really hire us to work for you.
<a class="readon" href="#s5_bottom_row1_area1">Read More</a>

About Us Circles:

The following code can be duplicated three times to show just like we have done on the demo here published to the "Top Row 2_1" position.

<div class="gc_aboutus_circle">
<span class="ion-settings aboutusicons"></span>

<div class="gc_aboutus_circle_right">
<h5>25 Years of Experience</h5>
We have worked over many years and have gotten better and better. You should really hire us to work for you. Lorem

<div style="clear:both;height:85px;"></div>

Module Pre-text:

This is the code that is published to the pre-text areas of the S5 Quick Contact and S5 Vertical Accordion modules

<span class="ion-help-circled highlightcolor"></span><span class="s5_footericons">Frequent Questions</span>

<span class="ion-chatbox-working highlightcolor"></span><span class="s5_footericons">Questions or Callback Requests:</span>

Social Icons:

This can be published to any position but for the demo we've published it to the "custom_1" position.

<a class="social_icon ion-social-facebook" target="_blank" href=""></a>
<a class="social_icon ion-social-googleplus" href="javascript:;"></a>
<a class="social_icon ion-social-rss" href="javascript:;"></a>

Rounded Video:

Below is the code for the rounded video published to the Top_row_2_2 position.

<div class="video_overlay_wrap rounded_image" style="background: url('images/video_preload.jpg');">

<video class="roundedvideod" muted autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" src="images/construction.mp4"></video>


The Mail Chimp Signup module is demo'd on this page. The module is AJAX powered and allows your users to instantly signup and get added to your MailChimp list that you specify in the module admin. All you need to do is enter your MailChimp API Key and Unique List ID. The styling of the module shown here is customized specifically for this template with css overrides, and cannot be used with any other template. The same module can be used on any template, but with default or other styling in its place.

The Contact Popup module is a quick way for your visitors to email you. The module is protected by the powerful Google reCaptcha plugin and uses AJAX to error check and send the email. Be sure that your server has the mail() php function enabled or the email will not send from the module. The module is located in the bottom lower right of the website.

We recommend publishing to a module position that is near the bottom of your site. For example we have it published to our "bottom_menu" position for this demo.

NOTE: This is not a "live chat" it simply sends an email.

Features at a Glance:

  • AJAX powered
  • Spam controlled through Google reCaptcha
  • Set the color and hover color
  • Set the name, email, message and submit button text
  • Sends mail via mail() php function
Ion Icons is an iconic font that gives you scalable vector icons that can be customized by any font css command, such as size, color, backgrounds, hover effects and more. Below you will see several examples of this feature in action, but please visit for a full list of all icons available.

Round icon example:

<div class="icon_outer_wrap">
<div class="icon_hover">
<a href="" class="ion-link icon_element"></a>
<div class="icon_non_hover">
<span class="ion-headphone icon_element"></span>

Icon Examples:

<span class="ion-camera" style="display: inline-block;font-size:2.5em;"></span>

View Full Cheatsheet (all CSS classes)

Our Scroll Reveal feature is powered by the script found here: The script allows you to add "data-scroll-reveal" to HTML elements for on page scroll animations. We recommend adding to DIVs over SPAN etc as DIVs can move vs SPAN tags just fading in. Once you add the code to a DIV refresh a page or scroll down and it will animate in. It will only do this once until you refresh the page again. The great feature about the script is you can use plain English to describe how you'd like to animate your HTML element.

Example of this in action (refresh this page if you didn't see it already):

Enter from the left and move up 50px in 1.33 seconds.
Enter from the bottom after 1 second.
Wait 2.5 seconds and then ease-in-out 100px.

Code used for the above:

<div data-scroll-reveal="enter left and move 50px over 1.33s"> Enter from the left and move up 50px in 1.33 seconds. </div>

<div data-scroll-reveal="enter from the bottom after 1s"> Enter from the bottom after 1 second. </div>

<div data-scroll-reveal="wait 2.5s and then ease-in-out 100px"> Wait 2.5 seconds and then ease-in-out 100px. </div>


For a lengthier explanation on this visit the following page:

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