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Custom Column Widths

Need a little more room in a certain column? Set the left, right and center columns to any width that you need to make space for your content.

Google Fonts Enabled

Make this template truly unique. This template comes with Google Fonts enabled, allowing you to pick any available font family from google.

Hide The Content Area

Hide the article and component output on any page of your site so that you are not forced to have an article shown on every page.

Lazy Load Images

The lazy load script delays the loading of images until they are present in the viewing area. This dramactically saves on bandwidth.
  • Tab 1

    Drop Down Panel Enabled

    The drop down panel itself contains six module positions. You may publish any module that you wish into these positions. Some features include: customize just about anything you want like sizes, colors, gradients, etc., set the open and close text, auto adjusts to your content, and more! Learn More...
  • Tab 2

    Fixed or Fluid Layout

    This template has the ability to set the entire width of your set to either a fixed pixel width or a fluid percentage width. You can set the width to any size you want. In addition to that you may also set the widths of the following positions to any width that you need to: left, left_inset, right, and right_inset. Learn More...
  • Tab 3

    Third Party Compatibility

    This template is compatible with all 3rd party Joomla components. A template itself should not hinder the functionality of a component. There are thousands of extensions, so we have not tested every one, but we can say confidently that this template will be compatible with any extension you use with it. Learn More...