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  • Tab 1

    Drop Down Panel Enabled

    The drop down panel itself contains six module positions. You may publish any module that you wish into these positions. Some features include: customize just about anything you want like sizes, colors, gradients, etc., set the open and close text, auto adjusts to your content, and more! Learn More...
  • Tab 2

    Fixed or Fluid Layout

    This template has the ability to set the entire width of your set to either a fixed pixel width or a fluid percentage width. You can set the width to any size you want. In addition to that you may also set the widths of the following positions to any width that you need to: left, left_inset, right, and right_inset. Learn More...
  • Tab 3

    Third Party Compatibility

    This template is compatible with all 3rd party Joomla components. A template itself should not hinder the functionality of a component. There are thousands of extensions, so we have not tested every one, but we can say confidently that this template will be compatible with any extension you use with it. Learn More...

S5 Tab Show

The S5 Tab Show module can be demo'd just above. This version of the module is customized specifically for this template and cannot be used with any other templates. We do have another version that can be used on any Joomla template.

The module holds up to 10 actual module positions so you can publish any of your favorite modules to one of the slides and keep your site clean and consolidated while giving it some eye candy. So simply publish the s5 tab show module to your desired module position and pages. Then start publishing modules to the positions in the tab show (s5_tab1, s5_tab2, etc); these modules will become the slides.