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S5 Frontpage Display

The module is shown on homepage of this site. The frontpage display module is a great way to attract customers and organize your content. It consists of one main display area and 2-8 boxes below that content that control the main display area. The main content area and boxes are fully customizable by allowing to you specify your own images, sizes, hyperlinks and much more to adapt to any template! Setup is very easy, by simply supplying images for the top area and boxes. Advanced users can add their own custom html on top of the images as well.

Features at a glance:

  • Fading transition
  • Height of top area
  • Height of boxes
  • Width of boxes (set individually)
  • Margins of module
  • Show between 2 and 8 boxes
  • Choose to cycle the boxes automatically or manually
  • Choose the display time
  • Use any image for the boxes and top area
  • Create hyperlinks for the boxes or top area
  • Open hyperlinks in a new window or same window
  • Insert your own HTML code.